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Travertine InstallationTravertine Installation

Some Benefits of Installing Travertine Pavers

Travertine is an excellent choice for people looking to use a non-toxic product which would be more environmentally friendly. Travertine sealing is not necessary, but many installation professionals will seal the rock in order to make sure that their customers will be enjoying that natural look of travertine for years. Sealers, which go deep into travertine pores, will preserve the natural texture of the stone, ensuring stains will not penetrate or mildew growth. Sealing your travertine paving keeps water, whether it is snow, melting ice, rain, or even spills, from getting inside the stones pores, and it may help to prevent those types of cracks.

Travertine InstallationTravertine Installation
Like many natural stone pavers, travertine has a porous, slip-resistant surface that has a rustic appearance. While travertine-porcelain does not have quite the same appearance as natural stone, it can get very close to that of polished or finished travertine, particularly if installed by someone who takes painstaking care in arranging patterns in an irregular fashion. Tumbled travertine is a fine natural stone, however, you are best advised not to install it in outdoor areas susceptible to water, as it may become slippery if damp, causing unnecessarily injuries. Travertine is a natural stone made of primarily calcium salts, which easily reacts with materials which are acidic in nature. Even the most harmless of foods, like beverages and fruit juices, may harm them and leave stains permanently on the surface.
Travertine InstallationTravertine Installation
Travertine tiles are also highly resistant to extreme fluctuations in weather, which is why travertine tiles are ideal both for outdoor and indoor installations (pools, backyard pathways, home walls, etc. Travertine tiles are naturally non-slip, making them perfect for pools, bathrooms, showers, floors, and on swimming pool decks. Unfortunately, one of the downsides to travertine is that while pores allow for water absorption (which is good in the heat of a summer), it may become a downside if the pool deck is located close to a loose surface, in which dirt may be trapped within pores. Efflorescence does not occur with travertine, something that is ideal for pool-side installations.

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