Sod or Artificial Turf Installation

There are many reasons to have grass, whether Sod or Artificial, installed in the front and backyard.

Grass Sod or Artificial Turf

Sod InstallationSod Installation

Benefits of Sod Grass

  • Nearly Instant Lush Green Lawn
  • Sod Roots are Already Established
  • Ready for High Traffic Highly Visible Areas
  • Durable and Grows Well if Installed Correctly

From an immediate lawn to faster erosion control, there are plenty of reasons to put down sod rather than seed. One of the biggest benefits to using sod over seed is the ability to have a lush, green lawn nearly instantaneously. One of the main reasons sod is better than seed is that it gives us instant lawns and instant satisfaction.

The grass might seem greener in your neighbors yard (hopefully, you are not waging a turf war with them about who has the best lawn in the neighborhood), but whether or not they used seed vs. sod to get it, there are some things to consider before deciding on your next step. Choosing between sod and seeding your soil is generally the first step to getting that truly grassy lawn that your neighbors covet. Sodding your lawn involves installing strips of pre-grown grass over exposed, ready-to-sod soil.

If you are not patient and want immediate results, or you simply want something that is low-maintenance that you can get done whenever you like, then you might want Artificial Grass or Turf.

Sod is also erosion-resistant, a big plus that is worth noting. Sod is an excellent alternative to sloping areas, or areas that are susceptible to erosion, where seeds will have trouble surviving. Sod also works well for hard areas like hillsides, where seeds will simply be washed away whenever the rain comes.

It is important to regularly and thoroughly water the sod to allow grass roots to penetrate the existing soil (which takes 2-3 weeks if installed properly). The key ingredient for a flourishing lawn, regardless of whether you are sodding or seeding, is soil. The amount of effort and time you devote to preparing your soil makes all the difference in winning your battle to have a beautiful lawn, regardless if you sod or sow.

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Artificial Grass TurfArtificial Grass Turf

Benefits of Artificial Grass / Turf

  • Instant Lush Green Lawn
  • Synthetic Grass Feels and Looks like Real Grass
  • Ready for High Traffic Highly Visible Areas
  • Needs Little to Not Maintenance

Whether you are looking to drought-proof your yard, convert a patch of land that is refusing to regrow grass, or just cannot face the hassle of cutting your own lawn, you might be considering installing some fake grass. The upfront costs to install artificial grass may be steep, but they are more than offset by savings on water, gas, electricity, and fertilizer, not to mention your time. Since there is no need for water, mowing, fertilizing or insect control, long-term costs associated with artificial grass are lower.

Because artificial turf is so durable, and since there are no splintered patches of grass, this type of lawn lasts considerably longer than a natural grass. These features, as well as the fact that Synthetic Grass is eco-friendly, are why it is a great option for your backyard. Unlike traditional, natural lawns which need pesticides and fertilizers in order to look its best and to keep itself away from harvesting and other insects,

Synthetic grass does not need any of those hazardous chemicals applied. Since it does not require any watering, it helps in water conservation, while still not impairing the aesthetics of a landscaped lawn. Unlike a natural lawn, where you must regularly mow, fertilize, remove weeds, and spray insecticides in order to maintain it looking good, synthetic turf does not require all this additional maintenance.

It might require reseeding, sweeping, and minor repairs every now and then, but it is significantly less costly to maintain than conventional lawns. The advances of synthetic lawns throughout the years make them a perfect option for homeowners with children, pets, pools, and anyone looking to cut down on time spent maintaining their natural lawn. Highly Durable It is durable for long periods of time, and it can be used for as long as 10-15 years depending on the quality and maintenance.

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