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Backyard PlantersBackyard Planters

What are Planters and What are the Benefits?

When talking with other people who grow plants, you will see the terms pot and planter used interchangeably. Pots and planters are the two types of containers that we can plant plants in. Pots are generally small, circular containers designed to hold one plant, whereas planters are containers which are irregularly shaped and may hold more than one plant.

Eventually, your plant will require a larger pot as it grows past the size of the current one – and that is when a Planter comes in hand. If the extra water cannot get out of the pot, the plant will drown. Even if a plant is content with the current plant size, repotting allows the soil that has been used up and refreshed.

Backyard PlantersPlanters
Your bench with planters will provide a focal point, place to sit, and also somewhere for you to plant, creating an affordable, yet gorgeous, piece of landscaping. A planter bench can be purchased (okay design and material), assembled using a planter box or built from the ground up (the best design and material – only what Las Perlas Landscaping offers).

Adding plants, flowers, and shrubs helps cultivate a positive environment for people to flourish. In short, being around plants helps improve relationships among people, increasing their care for, and empathy for, others.

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